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Abstract: Trunk amplifiers

Trunk amplifiers of the H-420, AH-620, AH-640 production line operate in the frequency range of up to 862MHz and are equipped with built-in reverse channel modules with a 5-30 MHz (5-65MHz) frequency range and have a 20dB gain. There are amplifier modifications with a local, a remote and a combined supply. The last modification is foreground mains-operated and switches over to a cable supply when a voltage failure in the mains.

The amplifiers are equipped with continuous attenuators and equalizers for forward and reverse channels.

All the amplifiers are constructed with application of gallium-arsenide microcircuits.

An -420 enables the maximum output level according to DIN45004 on the frequency of 862 MHz 121dB/µV, its gain is 30dB, its noise ratio is 8dB.

An important distinctive feature of AH-640 amplifiers is AGC system availability which enables signal output level maintenance on the set value under the influence of destabilizing factors. The system operates using a pilot-signal. Tuning to the pilot-signal frequency is effected in the range from 1 to 69 channel by maintenance personnel while installing the amplifier.

An amplifier AH-620 has one output and may be used as a trunk amplifier, the AH-640 is equipped with two equal outputs and may be used as a distributional amplifier.

The maximum output level of these amplifiers amounts to 126 dB/µV according to DIN45004, gain is 36dB, noise ratio is not higher than 8dB.

All the amplifiers are constructed in a hermetic molded case made from aluminium alloy with the IP63 design protection index.