Small-size measuring passive horn antenna TADR-40180


* Designed to measure the intensity of the magnetic component sine waves,   noise and pulse interference in laboratory rooms, screened chambers and in   open areas complete with measurement receivers, spectrum analyzers,   selective microvoltmeter of any kind in problems of electromagnetic   compatibility of radio electronic equipment, information security, as well as   the maximum permissible levels of electromagnetic fields in problems of   environmental protection activities.

product specifications
Operating frequency range 4...18 GHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Connectors type SMA
Dimensions 200х120х120 mm
Weight 0,8 kg
Frequency 4,0 GHz 6,0 GHz 8,0 GHz 10,0 GHz 12,0 GHz 14,0 GHz 16,0 GHz 18,0 GHz
Gain 6,0 10,0 13,0 13,0 13,0 14,0 15,0 16,0