The isolating video transformer VIT-1

price: 55
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Рис. 1 - Appearance of the isolating video transformer
Рис. 2 - The block diagramme of the isolating video transformer

VIT-1 - The isolating transformer, intended for use in situations when because of poor executed grounding and distinction in "earth" potentials quality of video of a signal suffers

In many cases of connection between sources and video signal receivers generate so-called "grounding loops" on frequency the electric systems accompanied by undesirable effects, for example, of a strip, moving on the screen. Isolating transformer VIT-1, breaks parasitic links and eliminates hindrances

Transformers also can be used for elimination of constant displacement in signals and for suppression of inphase noise (directed, for example, on long cables). The width of a pass-band makes 6MHz for video signal, transformers have a straight-line characteristic and provide a full galvanic outcome between an input and an exit