Amplifier-switch-filter microassembly

* Intended for use in the input circuits of radio   receivers tracts products specialized equipment   for pre-amplification with adjustable gain, as well   as the selection signals in 8 ranges with a   bandwidth of 500 MHz

Product specifications
Input frequency range 8...12 GHz
Output frequencies range, measured at one output 8...8,5 GHz
8,5...9 GHz
9...9,5 GHz
9,5...10 GHz
10...10,5 GHz
10,5...11 GHz
11...11,5 GHz
11,5...12 GHz
Each channel bandwidth (on level -3dB) ± 260 MHz
Bandwidth ratio at level -40dB, no more 2
Transmission ratio, not less + 25 dB
Input attenuator 0...30 dB (0,5dB step)
Noise figure (in open attenuator), no more 4 dB
Switshing time, no more 10 μs
Channel separation, no more -70 dB
Input and output VSWR , no more 2
Input and output type of microvawe connector СРГ-50-751 ("микротракт")
LF-connector type РСГ-19ТВ
Supply voltage 12±1 V
Consumption current 300 mA
Operating temperature range -40...+65 oC
Dimensions 442х134х50 mm
Weight 3 kg