The passive transceiver of video signal on twisted pair TVU-100

price: 6,50
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* The passive transceiver of video signal TVU-100 is intended for the organization of transfer of   color and black-and-white video signal on symmetric communication lines "twisted pair" on   distance to 300m

Technical characteristics
Range of working frequencies 25 Hz ... 8 MHz
Entrance resistance 75 Ohm
Target resistance 11 Ohm
Transfer factor -1.5 dB
Nominal entrance pressure of video signal 1 V
Supported video standards PAL, SECAM, NTSC
Range of transfer of video signal to 300 m
Supported types of cables UTP, STP, ЕППэП, П-274
Range of working temperatures -20...+50оС
Dimensions 62х29х18 mm