TVR-100 TV Receiver

* D/K standard
* Frequency synthesizer
* Output signal filtering
* Permanent memory
* Displaying of chosen mode
* Automatic release at the end of TV-program broadcasting
* Plug-in design
* LF-RCA, RF connectors of F-type

A TVR-100 TV receiver is intended for reception and transformation of one of VHF or UHF signals into "Audio" and "Video" signals. Using of the receiver together with a tunable modulator enables converting any channel in any other channel and getting the converter the output level of which does not depend on its input level.

Product Specifications
Input Channels 1 - 69
Level/Impedance ≥ 60dB/µV/75 Ω
Output Video Level/Impedance CCTS 1V negative /75 Ω
Audio Level/Impedance 700mV/600 Ω
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V/0,3A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 400 g

Variants of Connection

6_2-e.png 6_3-e.png