TVM-100 Single-Sideband Modulator

* Channel to order from 1 to 69. The rest of the specifications are analogous to those of a TVM-410.

TVM-410 Tunable Single-Sideband Modulator


* D/K standard
* Frequency synthesizer
* Permanent memory
* Programmed channel and level setting
  of sound subcarrier (operating mode)
* Displaying of chosen mode
* Audio, video signal level control
* Output level control
* RF input for signal summation
* Plug-in design
* LF-RCA, RF connectors of F-type

Product Specifications
Video Input Frequency Band 20 Hz - 6 MHz
Level/Impedance 1V+3dB/75Ω
Audio Input Frequency Band 20Hz - 20 kHz
Level/Impedance 700mV /6.8kΩ
Output (the channel depends on the construction variant) The 1st variant 1 - S40
The 2nd variant 21 - 69
Level/Impedance 90dB/μV ± 3dB / 75 Ω
Amplitude-Frequency Characteristic Response in video-band ± 1 dB
SNR ≥ 55 dB
Amplitude-Frequency Response Preequalization of sound channel 50 μs
Frequency Setting Accuracy ± 10 kHz or
(± 150 Hz to order)*
Frequency Instability ≤ 10-5 or
10-6 (to order)
Spectral components suppression of a left side-band by 4.86 MHz while tuning out relatively to the carrier > 55 dB
Summation Loss per Pass 1 dB
Depth of Output Level Control 20 dB
Operating Temperature Range 5 - 40 о С
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V/0.5A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 400 g

* A customised frequency setting accuracy may be ± 150 Hz with an additional possibility of a frequency change relatively to the intended frequency with 1 a kHz step.

When the "Menu" button is pushed one of modes is displayed on the indicator panel:
- р0..р1 is a mode of sound carrier measurement; p0 is the maximum level which corresponds to the difference between a sound carrier level and a picture carrier level which amounts to 11 dB; p1 is the minimum level which corresponds to a difference between a picture carrier level and a sound carrier level which amounts to 15 dB,
- II - is a test-mode (2 white strips against a black background).
The mode choice is realized while pushing the "Rotate" button. The "Menu" button should be pushed after all the modes have been set.
If the audio signal input level is much lower than 700 mV (for example, audio signal is grabbed from a digital tuner) use an AB-100 audio signal amplifier. If a video signal input level is lower than 0,7V use an ASV-100 active video signal splitter.

Attention! Inequality between the signals should not exceed 3dB (according to GOST 28324 "Distribution Nets of Television and Radio Broadcasting Receiving Systems.") while the modulators' operating on co-channels. A high inequality between co-channels may result in channel interference because of a restricted selectivity of a television receiver.


TVM-400 Tunable Single-Sideband Modulator

* The modulator specifications excluding tuning range and its appearance are analogous to those of the TVM-410.
The tuning range: the 1st variant is from 1 to 12 channel, the 2nd variant is from S11 to S20 channel;
the 3d variant is from S20 to S40 channel, the 4th variant is from 21 to 45 channel, the 5th variant is from 45 to 69 channel.