TVM-320 CCTV modulator

30 nominal dollars (without power supply)
44 nominal dollars (with power supply)

* The modulator is intended for CCTVs and enables choosing   any channel from 21 to 69
* Video-, audio-, output level tuning (15 dB)
* Maximum output level not lower than 90 dB/µV
* Built-in switched power supply device enables additional   connecting of load with current consumption of up to 0,1A   (12V)
* Rf input for signal summation

Channel Switching

To select a channel for example channel 33 it is necessary to subtract the number 21 from the number 33 and to type the difference which amounts to 12 on a channel switch (see the picture below) according to the "weight" of all switches indicated in brackets.
The number 12=4+8, where 4 and 8 - are "weights" of the switches 3 and 4.

    TVM_320_1-e.png     TVM_320_2.png