TVM-320 CCTV modulator/UV

price: 26
nominal dollars

* TVM-320 CCTV modulator/UV it is intended for transformation of low-frequency   signals AUDIO and VIDEO in television HF signal. The device is compatible to   colour and black-and-white videocameras, "video eyes".
* Can be used as a part of security system of video observation, local system of a   cable television etc.
* Frequency consolidation, i.e. transfer in one HF cable of signals from several   chambers allows to carry out the Modulator.
* Adjustment of output level (15 dB)
* Maximum output level not more low 85 dB/µV
* Rf input for signal summation

Product specifications
Output Channel 1 - 69 ch
Output level / Impedance 85 db/µV / 75 Ohm
Video Input Band of frequencies 20kHz...6MHz
Level / Impedance 1V + 3dB / 75 Ohm
Audio Input Band of frequencies 20Hz...20kHz
Level / Impedance 700mV / 6.5 kOhm
Precorrection Frequency response sound path 50 ms
Accuracy of installation of frequency ± 10 kHz
Depth of adjustment of output level 15 dB
Losses of summation through passage 1 dB
Operating temperature range 5...40 оС
Relative humidity of air To 90% at 25оС
Atmospheric pressure 70...106.7kPa
(537-800 Mm Hg)
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V / 0.18A
Dimensions 80х100х33 mm
Weight 0.12 kg

Attention! At modulator use in a range of frequencies below 470 MHz application of external filters for elimination of harmonics from the basic signal is necessary