TVC-410 Tunable Converter


* A converter is intended for converting of any channel from 1 to 69 into
  any other channel from 1 to S40 or into any channel from 21 to 69
* The converter is intended for using in cable networks
* Automatic gain control
* A possibility of working under conditions when the difference between centre   frequencies of co-channels is 8 MHz.
It is enabled by using SWA filters on the IF

Product Specifications
Input Converted Channel 1 - 69
Input Converted Signal Level 65-100 dB/µV
Output Channel 1 - S40 / 21-69
Output Signal Level 90 dB/µV
Set Output Level Maintenance Level ± 1 dB
Output Level Control Range 70-90 dB/µV
Summation Loss per Pass 1 dB
Unwanted Frequency Level at the converter output ≤ -57 dB
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V/0.5A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 400 g

Turn the converter on. The number of the channel in which conversion will occur is displayed on the indicator panel. Choose the channel you want with the help of the "+" and the "-" button (subchannels are identified by dots after the first character, for example 1.1 corresponds to the channel S11). Puss the "Mode" button afterwards and choose a channel from 1 to 69 which is to be converted with the help of the "+" and the "-" button. Input channels are displayed with dots after each figure, for example, 0.1 corresponds to the 1st channel, - 2.1 corresponds to the 21st channel, etc.