TVC-100 Converter


* A converter is intended for conversion of any TV range channel into any other output   fixed channel
* It is custom-designed for an output fixed channel
* Automatic gain tuning
* A possibility of working under conditions when the difference between centre   frequencies of co-channels is 8 MHz.
* It is intended for using in cable networks

Product Specifications
Gain ≥ 30dB
Noise Ratio ≤ 6dB
Manual Gain Adjustment ≥ 20dB
Spectral components suppression of a left side-band by 4.86 MHz while tuning out relatively to the carrier 55 dB
Output Level 90 dB/µV
Summation Loss per Pass 1 dB
Unwanted Frequency Level at the Converter Output ≤ -57 dB
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V/0.4A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 400 g

Choose the channel you want with the help of the "+" and the "-" button. The device is ready-to-work. Frequency fine tuning is possible provided a broadcast channel does not coincide with a standard frequency spectrum. Push the "Mode" button. The figures 3.2 are displayed on the indicator panel. It corresponds to a zero error. Effect frequency fine tuning with the help of the "+" and the "-" button (the tuning range is within a ±2MHz limit with a 62,5 kHz step). Push the "Mode" button again. The device is ready-to-work.