TVA-110 ACL Channel Amplifier with AGC


* High selectivity
* Automatic energizing of antenna preamplifier and energizing block in case of fault   (non-personal operating)
* Output level control
* Automatic output level control
* RF input for signal summation
* Plug-in design
* F-type connectors

It is intended for set channel amplification when the input signal level is changeable. A possibility of antenna preamplifier energizing and amplifier cascading: input cascading (in case of several channel reception by one antenna) and output cascading (signal summation from separate amplifiers).

Product Specifications
Frequency Range 47 - 862MHz
Bandwidth 8 MHz
Gain 30±3 dB
Noise Ratio not higher 4 dB
Input Level 60-100 dB/µV
Rated Output Level 90 dB/µV
Selectivity (single-channel spacing) 35 dB
Depth of Gain Control 20 dB
Set Output Level Maintenance Accuracy ± 1 dB
Summation Loss per Pass 1 dB
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V/0,3A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 400 g

Note: Energizing block of the antenna amplifier is effected when load current exceeds 100 mA. Operability of a TVA-100 and a TVA-110 ACL channel amplifiers is kept. It is necessary to cut off a 12V/0,3A energizing of the channel amplifier (TVA-100, TVA-110 ACL) for a short time to resume energizing of the antenna preamplifier (provided that current overload is excluded).