Frequency Synthesizer for Transmitting Teleradio Centres

price: 3100$

                         * Three channel groups: 1-5ch, 6-12ch, 21-69ch.
                         * There are 2 outputs with the frequencies differentiating from a channel frequency in +38MHz and +108MHz in each                             group.
                         * Possibility of frequency fine tuning relatively to the intended frequency by ± 10kHz
                         * Digital displaying of the intended frequency
                         * Shielded shell
                         * F-type connectors

Product specifications
Frequency setting accuracy 5х10-6Hz
SNR 55 dB
Signal-to-Incidental amplitude modulation ratio 50 dB
Frequency carrier instability during 30 min 10 kHz
Output signal level under 50 Ω load 130 dB/µV
Supply voltage 220V / 50Hz