STV-400 RF TV Channel Switch

price: 170
nominal dollars

An RF TV channel switch STV-400 is intended for an automatic connection to a TV signal output connector one of which has a priority (Master Input), i.e. having signal available at the Master Input the device is connected to the output regardless of having or non-having signal at the second input (Slave Input). Having no signal at the Master Input and having signal at the Slave Input the latter is connected to the output. The TV channel number choice (Master Input) which will be switched is effected by means of the buttons on the front panel of the device. The channel number is displayed on the indicator, special channels are indicated by dots.

Product Specifications
Pass Band in-out 47-862 MHz
Attenuation in Pass Band in-out ≤ 1 dB
Switched Signal Allowable Levels 50-120 dB/µV
Decoupling ≥ 60 dB
Priority Input Master Input
TV Control Channel Number of the Master Input Any of 1-69
Time of Decision about Switching 20 ms
Operation Mode continuous
Supply Voltage/Consumption Current 12V/0,3A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 350 g