Receiver SRD-100

* The receiver is intended for satellite signal demodulation and letting a transport stream out via an ASI interface.

Product specifications
Frequency range 950-2150 MHz
Input level -65...-25 dBm
Symbol rate range from 3.3 to 29.9 Msps
Tuning step 1 MHz
Coding rate 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Modulation kind QPSK
Connection to computer RS-232
Signal injection with frequency of 22kHz on/off
Converter energizing 13V/18V
IF OUT additional connector for satellite signal "Through Connection" Available
Input resistance 75 Ω
Output interface ASI (F-connector, 75 Ω)
Voltage supply/Consumption current 12V / 1.0 A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 0.4 kg

An input frequency, a symbol rate, energizing and signal injection of 22kHz are programmed by a customer via a port RS-232 of a computer.