SNA-12M Spectrograph and amplitude frequency response analyzer

price: 11000
nominal dollars

Datasheet and manual (1,06 Mb, last update 10/01/08)

* A SNA-12M can be used for development, debugging, control and repair of electronics facilities.

The application domain of the device is defined by its wide range of measured frequencies (from 5MHz to 12,6 GHz), its compact design (320x145x310mm) and multifunctionality.

The device can be used either in field condition to adjust movable communication, wireless communications (GSM, WCDMA, DECT, W-LAN); radio relay stations, digital TV, antennas, etc, or in laboratories where a user has an advantage of almost all the measuring means which are necessary for development and debugging of microwave devices of any complexity.

SNA-4M and SNA-12M spectrographs and amplitude frequency response analyzers are the next generation of multifunctional wide-band microwave measuring devices which include all the spectrograph functions, synthesized microwave oscillator functions, amplitude frequency response and VSWR measuring device functions (with an external directional coupler).

The peculiarity of these devices is using of a high-performance industrialized computer with an installed Windows OS and a big colour TFT-indicator with a high resolution. Transfer to a digital basis enables carrying out software upgrade and extending software facilities of measuring devices.

SNA-M measuring devices have a simple and an intuitive user interface (it is maximum approximated to the interface of the popular Agilent devices) with a possibility of language change, a big and bright display with efficient use of colours. The interface is optimized to a new interface keyboard consisting of hardware buttons and programmable keys. It enabled providing a quick and convenient moving across the functions and parameters of the measuring device. It reduces the time for measurement running considerably. Single-button measurements are provided: channel power measurement, measurement of the band according to the level, intermodulation distortion measurement of the 3d degree, etc. (software facility improvement is possible according to agreement with a customer).

A widespread USB port is led to the SNA-12M front panel to connect an external USB drive or a printer (to store or print measuring results without PC using). A possibility of measuring device remote control with the help of a PC and a possibility of mutual synchronization of two measuring devices appeared. It enables arrangement of amplitude frequency response measuring (one device is in a HF generator mode, and the other is in the spectrograph mode) with a measuring dynamic of more than 80dB.

Supply of the SNA-12M is effected from an ac network or from an external dc voltage (from 9 to 30V, P<=40W). It enables device supply in field condition from an auto embedded network or an external accumulator.

The measuring device is intended for operation in one of four modes:

Spectrograph - is intended for a spectrum analysis of periodic signals, signal frequency measurement, voltage level measurement and signal spectral power measurement in the range of 5MHz to 12,6GHz. It can be used to measure a relative emission intensity of radio transmitters, to analyze radio frequency band loading, to effect a cable network adjustment and over-the-air satellite TV reception system adjustment, etc.

Amplitude Frequency Response Analyzer - is intended to measure a module of active and passive circuit transmission constant and to measure a module of devices with a frequency transformation (converters) in the range of 5MHz to 12,6GHz.

VSWR Analyzer - is intended to measure SWR in the range of 5 MHz to 12,6 GHz (with application of external directional couplers).

Generator - is intended to generate a high-frequency harmonic wave in the range of 5 MHz to 12,6 GHz with a small frequency step, low phase noises and a high accuracy of output level setting.

The measuring device can memorize measuring results (up to 100 picture frames of the information displayed on the screen) with a further transfer of the information to a computer via a USB interface.

Product Specifications
Frequency Range 5MHz ... 12,6GHz
Swath 0 Hz; 4,6 MHz ... 12,6 GHz
Frequency Resolution 10 kHz
Frequency error = ± aging rate ± temperature stability ± calibration error
Aging Rate ± 1*10E-6 / year
Temperature Stability ± 2*10E-6 (0...50 С)
Calibration Error ± 5*10E-8
Phase Noise (while tuning out relatively to carrier by 100kHz) ≤ -95 dBc/Hz (5MHz...8GHz)
≤ -90 dBc/Hz (8GHz...12,6GHz)
Diagonal Size 17 cm (6.5")
YIG Indicator Resolution 640(H)x480(V)
Input/Output Connector N(m), 50 Ω
Ambient Temperature 0...40 С
Supply Voltage (alternating) 200 - 250 V
Mains Power Consumption ≤ 50 W
Dimensions 320x145x310 mm
Weight 9 kg
Ambient Temperature 0...40о С
Spectrograph Mode
YIG Preselector Range 1 - 12.6 GHz
IF Pass band (at -3dB level) 10kHz, 30kHz, 100kHz, 300kHz, 1MHz
IF Band Error ± 20%
IF Filter Selectivity ? 5:1
Frequency displaying error = displayed frequency * frequency error + (0,65% * swath)
Measured Level Range -107...+17 dBm
Maximum Input Level (RF ATT=30dB, ±0 VAC) +20 dBm
Input Attenuator (step 1 dB) 5MHz - 1GHz 0...-50 dB
1GHz...12,6GHz 0...-30 dB
Attenuator Setting Error ± 0,5dB + 5% from RF ATT
Frequency Response Unevenness ± 3 dB
Selectivity Over Image Channel -70 dBc
Intermodulation Distortions of the 3d degree (two signals with -27dBm level diversed within 100kHz) -70 dBc
Scaling Point 1 dB (RF ATT = 0dBm) -10 dBm
Switchable Scale of Indicator Face (10 points) 10, 5, 2, 1 dB/point
Scalar Analyzer
Amplitude Frequency Response Measuring Limits 50 dB
Amplitude Frequency Response Measuring Error ≤± 2dB
Output Attenuator (step 1dB) 0...-30 dB
Attenuator Error ± 0,5dB + 5% from attenuation
Reference Signal Level (OUT ATT 0dB) -7 dBm
Maximum Sweep Time 150 ms
SWR Analyzer
SWR Measuring Limits (with external directional couplers application with directionality not worse than 30dB) 1,07 - 5
Measuring Error in Operating Temperature Range (where K is the SWR measured value) not worse ± (4K+5)%
Switchable Scale of Measuring Scale 1,07 - 5 / 3,6 / 1,9
Maximum Sweep Time 150 ms
Output Level Range 5MHz - 4 GHz -40...10 dBm
4GHz - 12,6 GHz -35...10 dBm
Output Level Setting Error (when 10dBm) not worse ± 1 dB
Attenuator Error ± 0,5 dB +5% from attenuation
Second Harmonic Suppression not worse 5MHz - 4GHz -40 dB
4GHz - 12,6GHz -20 dB
Compound Signal Suppression not worse - 50 dB
Internal Pulse Modulation parameters modulation depth 60 dB
minimum/maximum impulse length (pause length) 20 ns / 2.5 ms
maximum transient-process time 20 ns
Frequency Sweep Parameters beginning frequency/ending frequency 5MHz...12,6GHz
Frequency Step 10kHz...6,3GHz
Frequency Holding Time 1ms...1s