SD-102 Dual channel DOCSIS transmitter

Fig.1 - The appearance of switch front face

Fig. 2 - The appearance of switch back panel

A dual channel DOCSIS signal switch (SD-102) is intended for connection to a head modem of the main DOCSIS transmitter or a backup DOCSIS transmitter (see fig.3).
Control of the dual channel DOCSIS signal switch (SD-102) can be effected both with the help of a computer via an RS-232 and with the help of the tumblers located on the SD-102 back panel. LEDs reflect the way of switch control and main/backup output connection.

Product specifications
Pass band in-out 20-670 MHz
Attenuation in pass band ≤ 5 dB
Attenuation in tripped channel ≥ 74 dB
Operation mode continuous
Third degree intermodulation product level when input level is 122dB/µV -55 dBc
Voltage supply/Consumption current +12V / 5mA
Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm

Fig. 3 - Connection scheme and internal structure of SD-102