Broadband power amplifier with AGC РТ-20

Широкополосный усилитель сигналов с АРУ РТ-20

Amplifier is intended for increasing of output power of every signal source in frequency range from 5 to 860 MHz with the amplification factor to 57 dB, with automatic power control and with the possibility of inclusion of amplitude manipulation

Technical features
Working frequency range 5...860 MHz
Subranges 5...390 MHz
385...860 MHz
Nominal output level of RF signal 85...100 dB/mkV
Nominal output power of RF signal (in capture ACG) 5 W ± 20%
Maximal amplification factor 57 dB
Out-of-band emission leveles, no more than -15 dBc
Modulation mode Amplitude manipulation 1kHz
Input/output connector's type N(m), 50 Ohm
VSWR of input/output, no more than 1,7
Working service conditions:
surrounding air temperature
relative air humidity
air pressure

from 0 to 55 оС
to 85% at 25 оС
70...106,7 kPa (537...800 mm. of m.c)
Power supply from 200 to 250 V, from 50 to 60 Hz
from 10 to 18 V, direct current
Power consumption, no more than 150 W
Power connections SS-7B and terminals
Dimensions (H х W х D) 155х165х300 mm
Weight 5 kg
Time to failure, not less than 10 000 h
Mean lifetime, not less than 5 years
Time set of working mode, no more than 30 s