OMS-T 1310 nm Direct channel optical (station) transmitter


* It is intended for transformation of group TV   signal of a forward channel (48 - 862 MHz) into   optical signal for transmission over monomode   fibre
* Wavelength of 1310nm
* Output optical power of 5...25 mW
* ACG over group signal
* Standard 19" construction of U1 height
* Indicators and LCD at front face
* Built-in power supply
* Easy installation and maintenance

1 Information display
2 Optical transmitter power-up button
3 Mode selection and displayed data button (supply voltage, laser module power, ARL operation mode (AGC) - MRL (manual gain control) )
4 MRL-ARL mode switching button and control of signal level arriving to laser module in MRL mode
5 Laser module power-up key
6 MRL/ARL ARL indicator (green) - MRL (red)
7 Indicator of modulating signal level arriving to laser module (green - norm, red - mismatch)
8 Laser power-up indicator (green - on, red - off)
9 TV signal test connector (for TV range signal visual control at laser input)

Product specifications
Optical parameters Wave length 1310±20 nm
Output optical power 5mW, 10mW, 17mW, 20mW, 25mW (to order)
Relative noise intensity (RIN) -155 dB/Hz
Laser type DFB
Output connector type SC/APC (FC/APC to order)
RF parameters Operating frequency range 47-862 MHz
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness ± 1 dB
Output signal level (per channel) 80-90 dB/µV (AGC)
Impedance 75 Ω
Test output -20±1.5 dB
Connector type F-socket
System parameters (42 CELNEC channels, 0dBm at optical receiver input) SNR 54 dB
Intermodulation distortions of the 3d Degree (CTB) 67 dB
Intermodulation distortions of the 2nd Degree (CSO) 62 dB
Common parameters Voltage supply 220±10 V
Power consumption 30 W
Operating temperature range 0...+45о С
Construction 19", 1U
Dimensions 483x260x44 mm
Weight 3 kg