OMS-R Return channel optical receiver


A reverse channel optical receiver is intended for transformation of the optical signals with a wavelength of 1310nm of a -4...+2dBm power into electrical signal of the reverse channel range (5-65MHz). It is equipped with a SC/APC connector at the input and with an F-connector at the output.

Product specifications
Optical channel Wave Length 1310nm, 1550nm
Optical input signal power -4...+2 dBm
Optical return loss > 45dB
Optical signal availability display available
Connector type SC/APC
Radio channel Operating frequency band 5 - 65 MHz
Amplitude-frequency characteristic unevenness ± 0.5 dB
Maximum output level (DIN 45004) 105 dB/µV
Output SWR not more 2
Depth of output level control 20 dB
Test -20 dB
Common features Voltage supply +12V / 1.5W
Operating temperature range -25...+55о С
Dimensions 195x100x35 mm
Weight 0.35 kg

* When input optical signal power decreasing less than -4dBm the output signal SNR decreases. It does not come to turning off of the receiver.