MD-100 Multiplexer/demultiplexer of four E1 streams into E2 stream

* Main application - in digital radio relay systems and   other data transmission systems with a pulse-code   modulation
* Availability of a test mode with displaying of error rate   of one of the E1 streams

It enables multiplexing of four independent 2-Mbit E1 streams (IKM-30) in one 8-Mbit E2 stream (IKM-120) and regardless of it demultiplexing of one 8-Mbit E2 stream (IKM-120) into four 2-Mbit E1 streams (IKM-30). The way of multiplexing corresponds to the recommendations G.742 ITU.

A PS-113/12-4 power supply device should be used for energizing from a 220V mains.

Product specifications
E1 Stream E2 Stream
Transmission speed (according to the G.703 ITU) 2048±0.1 Kbit/s 8448±0.25 Kbit/s
Connection via twisted pair 120 Ω via coaxial cable of 75 Ω
Maximum pulse amplitude 3 V 2.37 V
Output signal dynamic range 12 dB/40 dB 20 dB
Linear code AMI, HDB3 HDB3
Supply +10...15 V (5W) +10...15 V (5W)
Dimensions 192x105x34 mm 192x105x34 mm