LFM-030 Selective signal level meter

price: 385
nominal dollars

The selective measuring device of a SAT range signal level LFM-030 is intended for measurement of radio signal level in the range of a satellite IF 0,950 GHz - 2,150 GHz. There is a satellite identification function

* Datasheet and manual (2490 kb, last update 23.02.2007)

Product specifications
Operating frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz
Measured signal level 25 - 95 dB/µV
Signal level measurement error ± 3 dB
Frequency tuning subsequently with a 1MHz step
(the value is typed from a keyboard)
Pass band width in which a measurement is effected 26 MHz
Selectivity at side receive channels > 33 dB
Dynamic range 70 dB
Input resistance 75 Ω (F connector)
VBER, CBER bit error rate 1*10-1...1*10-8
VSWR not higher than 2.5
Supply external supply from a power supply device of 15V, 1A
external supply from a SAT-receiver output of 13/18В
self-contained supply from a Li-ion accumulator battery of 7.4V
Time of accumulator charge ~5 h
Time of continuous running from an accumulator > 5 h
Battery charge control automatic
Short-circuit protection with a 13/18V voltage when a converter is connected (Iheating max.=300mA)
Reproduced audiofrequency range when the level changed 65Hz - 4.5 kHz
Ambient temperature 0...+45о С
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 0.4 kg