LFM-010 Signal level meter

price: 240
nominal dollars

* The measuring device is intended for cable and over-the-air TV network maintenance
* Selective microvoltmeter
* Operation with a list
* Operation from a built-in accumulator during 5 hours
* Small dimensions
* Datasheet and manual (267 kb, last update 11.04.2008)

Product specifications
Operating frequency range 48.5 - 862 MHz
Tuning step 1 TV channel
Frequency fine tuning step 125 kHz
IF filter band 0.5 MHz
Measured level range 30 - 120 dB/µV
Measured level resolution 1 dB
Inaccuracy of signal level measurement ± 2 dB
Input resistance 75 Ω (F connector)
VSWR not higher than 1.6
Allowable dc voltage at the input 60 V
Time of continuous running from an accumulator 5 h
Time of accumulator charge from a +12V source 12 h
Error-free running time not less than 10,000 h
Average life duration not less than 3 years
Indicator 3-bit LCD
Dimensions 150x80x30 mm
Weight 0.3 kg