Videoswitch KVS-100

price: 154
nominal dollars

* Light indication of an active channel number
* Stereophonic audio channel
* Output level tuning
* Separate video and audio tuning for each channel

The device is intended for three input video and audio signal switching into one output signal according to the schedule made in advance or from a computer directly. The videoswitch can operate in an off-line mode according to a made schedule. The device is programmed by a user from a PC via the RS-232 interface and it can operate in an automatic mode (without connection to a computer) under running condition. The list of temporary settings indicating the time of turning on of various channels is made with the help of the TV Selector application.

Tuning range of an output video level ± 3dB
Tuning range of an output audio level ± 4dB
Videochannel input resistance 75 Ω
Audiochannel input resistance 10 kΩ
Channel transient attenuation of audiochannels not less than 40 dB
Voltage supply/consumption current +12V ± 1V / 0,2A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 300 g