Extremely high frequency converter

* An extremely high-frequency converter is intended for   signal transformation and amplification of a 18-40GHz   range into a 1,5-2 GHz range. The range of 18-40 is   divided into eleven subranges of a 2 GHz width
* The very high frequency converter has a tunable   heterodyne oscillator with a 0,5 GHz step. It enables   analyzing of the input band of a 2 GHz width in an IF   band if a 0,5 GHz width

Product specifications
Operating frequency range 18 - 40 GHz
Input signal operating band width 2 GHz
Output signal frequency range 1.5 - 2 GHz
Image channel suppression not less 50 dB
Conversion ratio + 19 dB
Heterodyne oscillator frequency accuracy 2 ppm
Heterodyne oscillator tuning step 0.5 GHz
Heterodyne oscillator phase noise while tuning out to ± 100 kHz not worse [-90 + 6*(FinGHz/10 - 1)]dB/Hz