"Pyramidka" system

Set of JRR-200, JRT-200 - 66$
Set of JRR-300, JRT-300 - 72$

The "Pyramid" system (remote controller extender) enables satellite tuner control, video-tape recorder control and other video- and audio equipment control with the help of a "native" remote controller from any room. It is produced in two modifications: with information transfer over a 220V supply main and information transfer over a TV cable network.
  A basic hardware includes:
1. - infrared (IR) transmitter with JRR-200 sensor;
    - IR transmitter with emitter (main variant)  (JRT-200):
2. - IR receiver with sensor + adapter (JRR-300):
    - IR transmitter with emitter + adapter (cable variant) (JRT-300)

Product Specifications
Operating Temperature Range 0-50о С
Supply 220 V
Operation Distance 50m over 220V network within flat