* It is intended for use as a part of television DVB head-end for digital TV broadcasting over IP networks. It   carriers out encapsulation of MPEG-TS packet data into Ethernet packet data and back
* DVB ASI(C) stream transformation into IPTV stream
* Stream analysis and possibility of channel broadcasting over its own address
* Possibility of operation as IPTV receiver, a pair of such devices can transmit DVB ASI stream over IP   network transparently
* Support of IGMP protocol helps decrease network loading
* Configuration of the device is effected with the help of DVB-Manager application

Product specifications
ASI Input/Output Stream rate up to 100 Mbps
Input interface type Electrical, DVB ASI(C)
Connector type BNC, female
Ethernet 10/100 Base TX
IPTV protocol support UDP, IGMP
IPTV Broadcasting type Unicast, Multicast
Voltage supply/Consumption current +12V / 0.2A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 0.35 kg