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TV FM Signal transmitter (SMDS system)
FTV-300, FTV-300/S

495 nominal dollars
595 nominal dollars

                            * Application: audio, video data transmission
                            * Information transmission distance while using directional antennas with a 10 dB gain amounts to 5-15km                               (depending on power)
                            * Reception is effected to a satellite tuner
                            * Digital frequency stabilization
                            * There is an additional possibility of two sound carrier transmission - stereo in an FTV-300/S system


Product specifications
CCTS Input 1 V
Audio input 0.6 V
Modulation kind FM
Operating frequency in the range of (to order) 950 - 1200 MHz
Operating frequency band 30 MHz
Maximum output level 4 W
Supply voltage 22V/1A
Antenna-feeder device connection by resistance 50 Ω

Transmitter FTV-300 User manual

   TV transmitter realization scheme using an FTV-300 is given in fig. 4. (Frequency modulation enables getting a set power at less hardware cost and getting a higher coefficient efficiency in comparison to the amplitude modulation of an FTV-200. It enables exchange of emission frequency band to SNR while operating in after-threshold area).
   Transmission range on a 1000MHz frequency amounts to 8km when a receiving tuner sensitivity is - 64dBm ≈ 44dB/µV (with a 22dB store above the threshold level) while having transmitting and receiving antennas with a 14dB gain (TA-300 antenna). An application of a SR-100 satellite tuner is dotted in fig.4 as an example. It is a small dimension satellite tuner with supply of from up 12V. Its application enables effecting TV programs reception in moving transport (with a power supply from an on-board power system).

      To tune a satellite tuner to the signal from an FTV-300, FTV-300/S transmitter, set a heterodyne frequency in the tuner menu. There is a possibility in a HTB 3000 tuner to set the following heterodyne frequencies:
          f1=11475 MHz for frequencies f=12375...13625 MHz
         f1=11000 MHz for frequencies f=11900...13150 MHz
         f1=10750 MHz for frequencies f=11650...12900 MHz
         f1=10000 MHz for frequencies f=10900...12150 MHz
         lower range fC=11500...11900 MHz, f=9750 MHz
         upper range f=11500...12750 MHz, f=10600 MHz
       While having a heterodyne frequency,for example f=9750MHz, set the frequency of signal reception in the tuner which amounts to f=f + f (where f - a is transmitter frequency).
                   f= 9750 + 960 = 10710 MHz.
             Get an image on a TV receiver changing a signal frequency by ±10MHz relatively to 10710MHz (10MHz - is frequency setting accuracy of a transmitter effected by the manufacturer).