High-power analog TV transmitter FTV-230

* It is intended to arrange over-the-air television networks
* AVT-230AB liquid cooling system
* Amplification stage temperature protection of AVT-230AB and FTV-210
* Output power, VSWR, temperature conditions, voltage and consumption current   of AVT-230 and FTV-210 amplifying stages display
* Antenna-feeder path VSWR protection
* Usability

* ТА-205 antenna, gain=5dB, horizontal polarization

A DF-2000 channel filter is used for an FTV-230. Rated output is 2000W. Channel to order 21-69, attenuation in pass band <0.7dB, VSWR in 1.15 frequency range, loss under frequency mismatch ±16MHz>=25dB, RF connector type 7/16".


Product specifications
Video input frequency band 20 Hz - 6 MHz
level/impedance 1V / 75 Ω
Audio input frequency band 20Hz - 20 kHz
level/impedance 700mV /6.8kΩ
Output power (sync pulse peak) 1000 W
Video carrier power ratio (sync pulse peak) and Audio 10 : 1
Frequency setting accuracy ±100 Hz
Frequency range 1-12ch.
Output resistance and output connector 50 Ω, 7/16 type, socket
Parasitic emissions not more -55 dB
Intermodulation product (of measurements by three-tone-signal) -51 dB
Amplitude-frequency response preequalization of sound channel 50 μs
Supply voltage/Frequency ~220V / 50Hz
Power consumption ≤ 4000 W
Operating temperature range 0...+40 о С
Output power control relatively to rated power ± 5%
Automatic transmitter release while having resultant antenna path SWR (transmitter-cable-antenna) > 1.3
Dimensions FTV-210 19"x3U
AVT-230AB 19"x2U
PS-160/48-100 19"x3U