Digital high-power TV transmitter
FTV-228D, FTV-230D, FTV-231D, FTV-234D

       * Transmitter DVB-T, H (2k, 4k, 8k, MFN or SFN mode)
       * Power of FTV-228D - 600W, FTV-230D - 1000W, FTV-231D - 1250W, FTV-234D - 2000W
       * TV transmitters are consist of transmotters FTV-223D with output power in 300W. Signal from COFDM modulator and from drive          transmitter (upper transmitter on the photo) comes to the rest of transmitters (amplifiers).Required power is reached after          amplification and combining of signals from these transmitters
       * Automatic power control
       * Temperature block protection of FTV-228D, FTV-230D, FTV-231D, FTV-234D
       * Displaying of output power, of VSWR, of temperature conditions, of voltage and current consumption of amplification stage
       * Protection of antenna-feeder path by VSWR
       * Liquid cooling system

FTV-234D     FTV-231D     FTV-228D

                  Front face of FTV-234D                             Front face of FTV-231D                             Front face of FTV-228D
                         power 2400 W                                          power 1200 W                                          power 600 W

                             FTV-231D                                                  FTV-230D                                                   FTV-227D