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Mean-power analog TV transmitter FTV-223


       * It is intended for analog TV broadcasting in VHF and UHF ranges
       * Automatic power control
       * Displaying of output power, antenna-feeder path VSWR, supply voltage and final stage temperatures + emergency operation          displaying when having an emergency
       * Maximum distance while one TV channel broadcasting is 15...20 km (transmitting antenna gain = 5 dB, receiving antenna gain =          10 dB), while having the SNR of 48 dB at the receiving side (EN 50083-7 standard)
       * It is possible to use an transmitter FTV-223 for broadcasting of several channels simultaneously - up to 20 - for a distance of          1 km (transmitting antenna gain = 5 dB, receiving antenna gain = 10 dB) while having the SNR at the receiving side not less than          48dB (EN 50083-7 standard). In this case a FTV-210 transmitter is used as preamplifier for AVT-220AB
       * Liquid cooling of AVT-220AB amplifier
       * Dimensions 19", 3U, depth 610mm
       * Output power 200W

Technical features
Front-end interface Video (connector BNC) 20Hz - 6MHz; 1V; +3dB, 75 Ohm
Audio (connector XLR) 20Hz - 20kHz; 700mV/6,8kOhm
RF-in (F-connector) not less than -30dB/mW, 75 Ohm
Output channel 1...12, 21...69 *
On-peak power of output RF signal, at a rated line voltage of power supply () 10...200** W
Accuracy of frequency setting 1kHz (in range of 50kHz, and also there is a possibility of gradual adjustment of frequency in range of 100 Hz)
Frequency stability 110-6/0,310-7**
Inequality of AFC of radiofrequency path not less than 0,2 dB
Output resistance and output connector 50 Ohm, jack of N type
Blanking of parasitic component not less than 55 dB
supply voltage / frequency ~220V / 50Hz (-15%, +10%)
Power connectors SS-7B
Power consumption ≤ 800 W
Overall dimension 19, 3U
Weihgt (without mounting frame) 20 kg

* - channel number (frequency range) is specified when ordering.
** - frequency stability 110-6 or 0,310-7 is determined by the order