Low-power digital TV transmitter FTV-210D

FTV-210D front face
COFDM-modulator SFN front face

       * Transmitter DVB-T, H (2k, 4k, 8k mode)
       * Average power 10W
       * It consists of transmitter FTV-210D and COFDM-modulator SFN (when organizing single-frequency network)
       * If network is multifrequency (MFN) than modulator COFDM is included into composition of transmitter FTV-210
       * Control of COFDM modulator's modes is exercised from computer
       * Automatic power control
       * Displaying of output power, antenna-feeder path VSWR, supply voltage and final stage temperatures + emergency operation          displaying when having an emergency
       * Protection of antenna-feeder path by VSWR

Technical features
Input interface ASI F-connector, 75 Ohm
RF-in F-connector, 75 Ohm
COFDM switched-mode 2k, 4k, 8k
Carrier modulation format QPSK, QAM16, QAM64
Output channel 21...69 *
Rated meansquare power of high frequency output signal at rated voltage of power network 10 W
Modulation vector error (MER), not worse 35 dB
Relative deviation of band center, no more 1х10-6(1х10-9)**
Inequality of AFC of radiofrequency path not less ±0,2 dB
Output resistance and output connector 50 Ohm, jack of N type
Levels of leakage radiation, no more -55 dBc
Supply voltage / frequency ~220V / 50Hz
Power connectors SS-7B
Power consumprion ≤ 100 W
Dimension of FTV-210D 19”, 2U
Dimension of SFN 19”, 1U
Weight of FTV-210D 18 kg

* - channel number (frequency range) is specified when ordering.
** - relative deviation of band center when organizing single-frequency network SFN(1x10-9)