Low-power analog TV transmitter FTV-210


       * It is intended for analog TV broadcasting of signal in VHF and UHF range
       * Automatic power adjustment
       * Displaying of output power, antenna-feeder path VSWR, supply voltage and final stage temperatures + emergency operation          displaying when having emergency
       * Channels in VHF range can be ordered

Product specifications
Video input frequency band 20 Hz - 6 MHz
level/impedance 1V+3dB/100Ω
Audio input frequency band 20Hz - 20 kHz
level/impedance 700mV /6.8kΩ
Output channel 1-12
power 10 W
Amplitude-frequency response unevenness in video-band ± 0.2 dB
Spurious products suppression with channel filter DF-1000, not less 55 dB
Amplitude-frequency response preequalization of Sound Channel 50 μs
Frequency setting accuracy 1·10-6/0,3·10-7*
Frequency instability in the temperature range of -30...+50оС 1 ppm/0,03ppm*
Modulation kind AM-Single sideband signal
Supply voltage/Consumption current 220V/0.5A
Operating temperature range 0...+40о С
Dimensions (3U)483x133x560 mm
Weight 11,5 kg

* frequency stability 1·10-6/0,3·10-7 is defined by order
** channel number is defined by order