FSM-400 FM stereo-modulator

* The FM stereo-modulator is intended for a frequency-modulated stereo signal   generation in the FM range
* It consists of a complex stereo signal and heterodyne which generates the carrier   frequency
* Plug-in construction
* F-type connectors

Audio signal range 20 - 15000 Hz
Pilot tone frequency 19 kHz
Attenuation to crosstalk ratio between stereo channels 25 - 40 dB
Input audio signal level at a 1 dB compression -10...-16 dB/V
Audio signal preemphasis time constant 155 μs
Frequency output 100 - 109.9 MHz
Step of frequency output tuning 0.1 MHz
Frequency output time setting after tuning ≤ 10 s
Output level (to order) 90 - 110 dB/μV
Limit of output level suppression control 0 - 20 dB
Frequency band occupied by transmission 190 kHz
The 2nd harmonic level cancellation relative to a signal not less than 55 dB
Voltage supply/consumption current 12V/01,5A
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 400 g

One of the variants of providing TV stereo broadcasting in a cable network using the FM stereo/modulator FSM-400 is shown in the fig. 1.