FMD-012 Signal frequency meter

660 nominal dollars
825 nominal dollars (H)

The signal frequency measuring device FMD-012 is intended for measurement of continuous time harmonic waves

* Datasheet and manual (675 kb, last update 13.05.2011)

Product specifications
Measured signal frequency range LF input 5kHz - 1000 MHz
HF input 1 - 12 GHz
Sensitivity LF input -9 dBm
HF input -19...-2 dBm
(see the table in the passport)
The maximum entrance level LF input 11 dBm
HF input 10 dBm
Frequency measurement error FMD-012 1*10-6
FMD-012(H) 1*10-8
Input resistance 50 Ω (SNA connector)
Power consumption FMD-012 6.5 VA
FMD-012/H 8.5 VA
Error-free running time 10,000 h
Average life duration not less than 3 years
Allowable voltage LF input 50 V
HF input 16 V
Indicator 16-bit 2-lined LCD
Ambient temperature +5...+40о С
Dimensions 180x100x40 mm
Weight 0,5 kg