DOM Digital optical modem


Digital optical modems of DOM series are intended to transmit different digital streams at the distance up to 120 km.

Optical modems of DOM series have flexible configuration ** and it can transmit:

       * Up to 16 stream of E1 (each 2048 Kbit/s);
       * Ethernet channel from 1.5 till 32Mbit/s depending on the number of unused E1 streams (resources of any unused E1 stream -          2048Kbit/s - automatically refer to Ethernet channel);
       * Channel of telemetry and telesignaling;
       * Additional channel of data transmission RS-232;
       * Channel of voice connection;
       * 8 independent audio channels (4 pairs of stereo signals). Audio signal transmitted in digital mode without using of compression          algorithms;
       * Channel of signal sensor and operating device.

** Modem's configuration is formed by order - options which are not used by customer can be excluded.

Optical modems of DOM series also have:

       * The possibility to install the laser with wavelength of emission - 1310 или 1550 nm
       * The possibility to do distance monitoring and control of all station's multiple-stream transceiving system with the help of service           program through the channel of telemetry and telesignalizing.
       * Power supply ~140...260V (alternating voltage) with the possibility to connect reserve voltage 24:60V (direct voltage).

Technical features
Wavelength 1310 nm, 1550 nm
Optical output power +3 dBm
Sensitivity - 31 dBm
Communication distance
1310 nm
1550 nm

80 km
120 km
Type of optical connectors SC/APC (to order SC/PC or FC/PC)
Interface Е1 G.703, code HDB-3, 120 Ohm
Maximal length of line connection for stream E1 with STP cable of 5th category 1000 m
Ethernet interface IEEE 802.3 (10/100 Base-T)
Payload 4xE1+ Ethernet (25Mbit/s) or Ethernet (33Mbit/s) or N*E1 and Ethernet (25+8-2*N Mbit/s), N=0...4
Additional channel of data transmission RS-232 1,2...115,2 kbit/s (it is selected by program)
Channel of voice connection 64 kbit/s (duplex)
Connection of input signal sensor and operating devices 1 input / 1 output at each modem
Local control RS-232 56000-8-N-1
Range of operating temperature / humidity / air pressure +5...+ 50 оС/90 % at 25 оС/ 70-106,7kPa (537-800 c. m.)
Time of set readiness to work 60 s
Mode of operation continuous
Power consumption (two half-sets) 50 W
Voltage supply

140...250 V / 50 Hz
24...60 V
Dimensions 19"(2U) 483x325x88 mm
Weight 5,1 kg

      Modem can contain the next boards:
      1.Multiplexer board
      2.Modul board 8E1
      3.Service channels board
      4.Ethernet modul board
      5.4*Audio board