Optical WDM media converter digital modem DOM-100


DOM-100 are WDM media converters for the Gigabit Ethernet nets, with WDM technology support (compaction with wavelength division). This technology permits increase carrier capacity of optical fibre at the expense of multiplex transmission and receive signals at different lengthwaves on single-corer cable. Using DOM-100H and DOM100L models you can save on cable up to 50% of cost, because you can use single-core cable instead of standard twin-core optical fibre of yours converter.

These converters occupy intermediate position between 1000Base-TX segment and 1000Base-FX segment. In the first place they are developed for big work groups with the high-speed connection and with big output for which is necessary the access to Gigabit Ethernet nets.

Technical features
Supporting standards IEEE 802.3 / IEEE 802.3u
Converters' type 1 SC fibre optic;
1 RJ45 jack
Maximal distance
Twisted pair (cat.5)
Multimode fibre optic cable
Single-mode fibre optic cable

Power supply External power supply unit.
(DC 5V / 2A)
Working environment temperature -10oС to 50oС
Keeping environment temperature -40oС to 70oС
Humidity 10%-90% incondensable
Dimensions 94,5mm x 73mm x 27mm