DOCSIS Subscriber transmitter


* It is intended for arrangement of a wireless "reverse channel" of data transmission from a remote   subscriber to a base station rendering Internet services and operating in the DOCSIS standard
* It tolerates use of external reflectors with a different gain
* High output power
* Hermetic case
* Datasheet

Product specifications
Frequency range of output signal arriving to antenna 2,305 - 2,325 GHz
Frequency range of input signal from subscriber modem (of reverse channel) 28.0625 - 48.0625 MHz
Maximum output power 0.1 W
Input signal power -37...+8 dBm
Out-of-band emission level when output power is 100mW not worse -60 dBc
Heterodyne oscillator phase noise while tuning out to ± 100 kHz not worse -100 dBc/Hz
Input connector F, 75 Ω
Supply voltage (standby mode/transmission mode) +12v, 0.3/0.5A
Ambient temperature -30...+50 о С
Relative air humidity up to 100%
Operation mode switched by output signal level
Switchover Time "standby mode"-transmission ≤ 0,5µs
Signal power to transfer to transmission mode -42 dBm
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 290x28x50 mm


Transmitter connection scheme