DF-1000 Bandpass filter

price: 440$

* Channel to order 21-69
* Milled case (with silver-plated resonators)
* Notch on frequencies (2fvideo-fsound), (2fsound-fvideo)
* Low loss in pass band
* N-type connectors

Product specifications
Maximum power (PEP) 100 W
Attenuation in pass band ≤ 0.8 dB
Loss under frequency mismatch ±16MHz from fcentre ≥ 25 dB
Loss on frequencies (2fvideo-fsound), (2fsound-fvideo) ≥ 25 dB

Channel filter DF-250

price: 800$

* Channel filter DF-250 is designed to filter the RF signal at the output of   TV transmitter

Product specifications
Attenuation in bandwidth ≤ 1,1 dB
VSWR in frequency band 1,15
Attenuation on frequency (2fvideo-fsound), (2fsound-fvideo) > 30 dB
Maximum power (PEP) 1000 W
HF connectors type N or 7/16
Attenuation at tuning ±16MHz ≥ 40 dB
Dimensions 420х180х55 mm
Weight 4,6 kg