DA-110, DA-110/V, DA-110/U, DA-110/UV
Antenna Amplifiers

* They are intended to improve reception quality of TV signals
* Amplifiers are constructed using up-to-date PHILIPS component parts
* Low noise ratio (ability of very weak signal picking up)
* High dynamic range (ability to amplify weak and strong signals   simultaneously without noises)
* They are installed directly near antenna and do not require additional   closure (dampproof variant)
* DA-110 - low-noise wideband amplifier
* DA-110/V - VHF low-noise amplifier
* DA-110/U - UHF low noise amplifier
* DA-110/UV - low-noise UHF amplifier with VHF pass

Product specifications
Gain DA-110/V 20-25 dB
DA-110/U 20-25 dB
DA-110/UV (VHF) 0 dB
DA-110/UV (UHF) 20-25 dB
DA-110 20-25 dB
Amplitude-frequency response unevenness ± 0.5 dB
Noise ratio 2.2 dB
Operating frequency range DA-110/V 5-230 MHz
DA-110/U 470-860 MHz
DA-110/UV 5-860 MHz
DA-110 5-860 MHz
Maximum output level according to DIN45004 DA-110/V on 230 MHz frequency 110 dB/µV
DA-110/U on 860 MHz frequency 104 dB/µV
DA-110/UV on 860 MHz frequency 104 dB/µV
DA-110 on 860 MHz frequency 104 dB/µV
Supply voltage 9-15 V
Current consumption 60 mA
Operating temperature range -40...+60 о С
Embodiment hermetic
Connectors hermetic F-type connectors
Dimensions O27x110mm