Contact-Docsis Digital radio relay station


* It is intended for arrangement of a remote CATV network   with a CMTS (for example, Motorola BSR-1000,   BSR-2000), delivering Internet to the subscribers of   cable networks and operating in the DOCSIS** standard
* Communication arrangement is effected according to the   principle spot-spot
* Plug-in design
* Usability

Product Specifications
Forward channel transmission signal frequency 11,605 GHz
Reverse channel transmission signal frequency 11,075 GHz
Forward channel transmission output power not less/Modulation kind in forward channel 2 mW / QAM64
Data transmission rate in forward channel 25 Mbit/s
Reverse channel transmission output power not less/Modulation kind in reverse channel 10 mW / QPSK
Data transmission rate in reverse channel ~3.4 Mbit/s
Out-of-band and side emission level -50 dB
Guaranteed operation distance when using combined paraboloid antennas of 1,2m diameter ≥ 20 km
Forward channel IF frequency 1855 MHz
Reverse channel IF frequency 1325 MHz


Radio relay station "Contact-DOCSIS" operation is seen from the structure scheme specified in the picture.

*CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) is a head cable modem.

** The DOCSIS standard (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) presupposes data transmission over a CATV network to a subscriber with the maximum rate of not less than 42 Mbit/s (while using of a 256 QAM multiposition amplitude modulation) and data reception from the subscriber with the maximum rate of 5,12 Mbit/s and use of a QPSK modulation.

Worsening of "Contact-Docsis" SNR in a forward channel of ~4dB (37dB instead of 41dB for QAM 256; 41dB - SNR with the system "CMTS head modem-subscriber modem").