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Modems for digital video and Ethernet transmitting in analog RRS

price of modem:

Front panel of modulator Contact-11M.34M1IPTV

Back panel of modulator Contact-11M.34M1IPTV

Front panel of demodulator Contact-11M.34M1IPTV

Back panel of demodulator Contact-11M.34M1IPTV

     Modem Contact-11M.34M1IPTV enables to transmit IPTV packets and ASI traffic (with total flow traffic 34 Mbps) in analogue RRS lines (using frequency modulation). It has built-in FM modulator/demodulator with intermediate frequency 70 MHz. Modem Contact-11M.34M1IPTV, ETH in contrast to Contact-11M.34M1IPTV additionaly enables to transmit Ethernet signal.