Digital transducer CON-400 D/A*4
Digital transducer CON-400 D/A*8

(abbreviation D/A - means conversion from digital into analog, series 400 - digital transducer with output QAM modulator)

Front panel of CON-400 D/A*4

Back panel of CON-400 D/A*4

CON-400DA-1.jpg Block diagram of CON-400 D/A*8

* Transducer is intended for forming of four packets with   QAM-modulation (CON-400 D/A*4) from four digital ASI   streams. QAM-modualtion packets follow one by one or   through the channel and form group of packets. Pointed   group of packets can be situated in frequency range of   1-69 channels. Transducer CON-400 D/A*8 forms eight   packets with QAM-modulation from eight input ASI signals   (it realizes functions of two devices CON-400 D/A*4)
* Control interface Ethernet TCP/IP (100BaseTX)
* Software "Manager CON-400 D/A"
* PCR regenerator
* Built-in power supply device
* Case 1U (19") 45x483x353 mm, weight 4,5 kg
* All modulation format of DVB-C standard

The main use of CON-400 D/A*4 and CON-400 D/A*8 is the signal forming for cable TV.