Digital transducer CON-200 A/D

(abbreviation A/D - means conversion from analog into digital, series 200 - digital transducer with output QPSK or 8PSK modulator)

The appearance of CON-200 A/D


* It is intended for conversion of 8 analog video signals with   a stereo sound into satellite IF signal with QPSK or 8PSK   modulation (to order)
* Encryption of 8 programs
* Built-in MPEG-2 encoders and multiplexer
* Inputs: 8 analog PAL/SECAM video inputs,
  16 audio outputs
* Possibility to install SDI-interface to order
* Output: 1 ASI output (up to 216 Mbps), 1 IPTV output   (1000BaseT), one satellite IF signal (QPSK or 8PSK)
* Control interface Ethernet TCP/IP (100BaseTX)
* Software "DVB Manager"
* Generator of service information: NIT, EPG, TOT, TDT
* PCR regenerator
* Built-in power supply device
* Case 1U (19") 45x483x353 mm, weight 4,5 kg

     CON-200 A/D - is a self-contained device of analog signal conversion into digital DVB stream (ASI output) and additional forming of one signal in the satellite IF range with QPSK or 8PSK modulation (to order). Also it has IPTV output (1000BaseT), "duplicating" ASI stream.
   Eight digital TV progtams are encoded by DVB scrembler in CON-200 A/D by the system of multiscrypt access MSA (CA_System_ID:0x00004AF7, CA_Specifier: MSA. The system is designed to support up to 300 000 subscribers.
      All control for this equipment, and also monitoring of its condition is fulfiled through operator's computer.
      Basically CON-200 A/D is used in CATV head-ends, in MITRIS networks, MMDS and LMDS, IPTV networks.