Digital transducer CON-100 D/A

(abbreviation D/A - means conversion from digital into analog, series 100 - digital transducer without output modulator)

Front panel of CON-100 D/A

CON-100 A/D
Back panel of CON-100 D/A


* It is intended for conversion of input ASI (up to 216 Mbps)   stream and IPTV (1000BaseT) (data transfer in MPEG-2)   into 8 video signals and 16 audio signals
* Built-in MPEG-2 decoders and multiplexers
* Inputs: ASI (up to 216 Mbps), IPTV (1000BaseT)
* Outputs: 8 video, 16 audio
* Control interface Ethernet TCP/IP (100BaseTX)
* Software "DVB Manager"
* Built-in power supply device
* Case 1U (19") 45x483x353 mm, weight 4,5 kg

      CON-100 D/A - is a self-contained device of conversion of selected programs (with the help of multiplexer) from ASI streams (up to 216 Mbps) and IPTV (1000BaseT) into analog video (up to eight) and audio (up to sixteenth) signals. All control for this equipment, and also monitoring of its condition is fulfiled through operator's computer. Basically CON-100 D/A is used in CATV head-ends, in MITRIS networks, MMDS and LMDS, IPTV networks.