CI-100E Interface converter


* An CI-100E interface converter (hereafter "converter") is intended for data transmission of the IEEE 802.3   standard (Ethernet 10BaseT specification) by means of an interface ITU-T G.703 (2048 Kbit/s).
* Ethernet data transmission is effected in the time slots of a E1 frame selected by a customer
  (rec. ITU-T G.704 2048 Kbit/s).
* According to accepted terms the converter is an Ethernet-linkup which provides connecting of the Ethernet   10BaseT standard equipment (switches, ac power adapters).
* A BER-test is provided to test a communication channel in the converter. The channel testing is effected in   the time-slots of a stream E1 selected by a customer regardless of the main function of the linkup.

Product specifications
Interface G.703 parameters (2048 Kbit/s)
Linear code HDB3
Linear velocity 2048 Kbit/s
Bitstream linear velocity error ±50ppm
Data framing ITU-T G.704 (2048 Kbit/s)
Jitter suppression According to the ITU-T G.823 recommendation
Transmitter and receiver impedance 120 Ω, ±5%
Connector type RJ-45
Parameters of Ethernet 10Base T
Maximum rate of data transmission 1920 Kbit/s
Connector type RJ-45
Electrical specifications
Voltage supply 12V ±20%
Power consumption not more 3 W
Design parameters
Dimensions 193x102x35 mm
Weight 0.4 kg

The example of communication channel arrangement is given in fig. 1.

Fig. 1 - Example of communication channel arrangement

Principle of operation:
Data transmission in a structured E1 stream is effected with the help of a special structure - frame. Frames are transmitted continuously. Each frame is split into 32 constituent parts so called time-slots (channels). The time-slots 0 and 15 are intended for service information transmission. Arbitrary information can be transmitted in the rest of the time-slots. While Ethernet information transmission the converter buffers Ethernet data and transfers them over the time-slots selected for the Ethernet transmission. While receiving of the bitstream E1 the converter allocates those time-slots which are selected for Ethernet data, buffers them and transmits to the Ethernet 10 Base T equipment.