AVT-340 Videosender

price: 5500
nominal dollars

* AVT-340 Videosender - micropower "portable" transmitter, it provides stable data   transfer under conditions of strong re-flections, it is intended for COFDEM CCTVs
* Digital frequency stabilization

Product specifications
Operating frequency (one frequency value from the range to order) 480...858 MHz
Modulation kind COFDM
Output power 30 mW
Modulation mode
Internal coding Convolutional coding К=7 (171, 133)
Coding rate 2/3
Guard burst 1/32
Modulation QPSK
External coding Reed-Solomon (204, 188, Т=8)
Video input 1 V
Audio output (left/right channel) 0.75 mV
Supply voltage/Consumption current 12V / 1A
Transmitter dimensions 146x66x50 mm
Antenna dimensions 160 mm, d=15mm