Video Senders
AVT-310, AVT-311, AVT-320, AVT-330

                            * Application: CCTV micropower transistor
                            * Specifications of the micropower transmitter enable video transmission and
                              audio information transmission in extreme conditions (armoured concrete floor, etc.)
                            * Digital frequency stabilization
                            * Video sender AVT-320 is provided with a remote energizing/deenergizing
                              it enables a long-termed operation from an accumulator.
                            * A set comprises: an AVT-310, a remote controller, a video camera multiplexer

Product specifications
Composite video signal video input 1 V
Audio input 0.6 V
Modulation kind FM
Operating frequency in the range of (to order) AVT-310, AVT-320, AVT-330
(one frequency value in the range)
900 - 1200 MHz
AVT-311 (one frequency value in the range) 1200 - 1650 MHz
Operating frequency band 30 MHz
Maximum output power AVT-310, AVT-311, AVT-320 1 W
AVT-330 0.1 W
Voltage supply AVT-310, AVT-311, AVT-320 12V / 0.6A
AVT-330 12V / 0.2A
Dimensions of videosenders AVT-310, AVT-320 25x50x83 mm
AVT-311 25x64x116 mm
AVT-330 15x43x67 mm
Pin antenna (2 pieces in the set: a transmitting aerial and a receiving aerial) 50 Ω
Antenna length 13 cm
Receiver type analog tuner