Combiner ASC-110

* It is intended for combining and amplification of 12 signals in the range of 950-2150 MHz
* It is used for signals combining of QPSK modulators, for example, MSD-100
* Input connectors of "SMA" type, output connector of "N" type
* Modular construction

Technical features
Number of inputs 12
Number of output 1
Frequency band 950...2150 MHz
Amplification +7 dB ± 1,5 dB
Output level 116 dB/mkV (IMD3 -35dB)
Decoupling between inputs OUT1 и OUT2 ≥13 dB
Voltage supply/ consumption current +12 V / 0,12А
Dimensions 193х102х35 mm
Weight 0,35 kg