Signal generator of DVB ASI(C) APG-100

450 nominal dollars

* Signal generator APG-100 is intended for reproduction of transport stream grom FLASH card through DVB   ASI(C) interface. When reproducting it is produced automatic bitrate recovery of recorded stream.
* Recording of sreams to the FLASH card is realised from PC under OS Windows XP, with the help of software   which is in complex with the APG-100.
* As a recording device it can be used any of Card Reader, supported SDHC FLASH cards.
* APG-100 is alternative source of quality digital TV signal which can de used for adjustment, checking and   displaying work of equipment and etc.

Technical features
Type of supported memory cards (FLASH cards) SDHC Card (Secure Digital High Capacity Card)
Maximum capacity of FLASH cards up to 32 GB
Speed class of FLASH cards* 2, 4, 6
Frequency step 1 MHz
Output signal two identical outputs
rated transmission signal level 800mV
transport stream ISO/IEC 13818-1(DVB ASI(C), connector "BNC", 75 Ohm)
Maximal bitrate of output transport stream (ISO/IEC 13818-1) up to 50 Mbps, using FLAH cards with speed class 6
Number of program stream recording to Flash card has not to exceed the maximal bitrate of output transport stream
Voltage supply/consumption current +12V / no more than 0,2А
Dimension 193х102х35 mm
Weight 0,4 kg

* It defines the maximal bitrate of output transport stream